Top 7 areas we automated for 7 figures in high-end client sales
Over the past eight years, I’ve been helping one of our clients automate the fulfillment in his coaching businesses. We’ve also personally coached over 1000 high-end clients over the past eight years. In doing so, we started to notice that we HAD to automate some of our systems if we wanted to grow. Here are some of the areas that we automated that really helped us scale our business over the past few years.
3 Must Have Marketing Systems For More Clients Or Customers
In the good old days, when internet marketing first became a useful tool to get clients, we used services like Google AdWords to help us get the exposure we needed. The great thing about this strategy was that you could get endless streams of exposure to your website or your brick-and-mortar business.
Easy Video Suite Review 2015 - EVSuite vs Wistia Review
New Easy Video Suite Comparison vs Wistia
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review - Should Entrepreneurs Get The Surface Pro 3
When it comes to technology and innovation, Microsoft was always two steps ahead of any other company on the market, being one of those corporations that always had something hidden up the sleeve. When it comes to tablet/laptop hybrids, Microsoft stands true to its name, offering an extremely powerful product at an affordable price.
Quickbooks Online Review - The truth from a new customer of Quickbooks
Quickbook Online Review

Over the past few years my business has been growing significantly so I have looked at different accounting software to help me out in the process of organizing my finances so that I don't have to worry about knowing how much profit I'm making and how much taxes I may have to pay.