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Top 7 areas we automated for 7 figures in high-end client sales

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Over the past eight years, I’ve been helping one of our clients automate the fulfillment in his coaching businesses. We’ve also personally coached over 1000 high-end clients over the past eight years. In doing so, we started to notice that we HAD to automate some of our systems if we wanted to grow. Here are some of the areas that we automated that really helped us scale our business over the past few years.

  1. Scaled Our “Problem Surveys”

Problem profit progrees

When we are doing paid advertising one of the things we like to do is ask entrepreneurs and small businesses, “what are some of the biggest problems they are having right now in their business”. The issue with this approach was that when you are using different marketing systems it becomes difficult to track what the actual problems were without logging into different systems.

You can definitely use different survey tools for this, or one of those custom survey marketing systems. We’ve found that it is a lot easier just to integrate everything into our CRM. Most CRM’s allow you to do this easily by adding custom fields. This is exactly what we do in our Infusionsoft CRM. By putting the survey responses directly in Infusionsoft, we were able to use that information in our email broadcasts to make the emails very personal.

There are two different ways to do this and both of them have their pros and cons.

Method number one: Using multiple choice options

multiple choice options image

When using multiple choice, you are able to control the messaging of your marketing a little bit better than when you use fill-in the blank surveys. For example, if someone were to ask how much money are you currently making in your business, you could have five multiple-choice options that the survey respondent could choose from. By doing this you could communicate differently to your prospect depending on which one of those options they choose. If someone were to choose your “no money – in startup phase” option, then your emails can be tailored to solving their problems that they may have with starting their business. I really like the multiple-choice option because it allows you to tailor your marketing to no more than four or five groups.

Method number two: Asking open ended questions
open ended questionsFill in the blank and multiple-choice are great marketing techniques for your surveys but sometimes you also want to ask open ended questions to get better information. One of the open-ended questions we like to ask is: “what would you say is your biggest roadblock in your business right now”. We like this question because it allows us to find out more about the prospect then we would find out if they were just choosing multiple-choice options. Sometimes prospects will put personal information about themselves in this field or they may put information regarding what’s not working in their business right now. What you can do once you have this information is you can manually put the prospect into one of your five categories or one of your few categories that you’ve set up whereby they will get certain emails depending on which category you put them in.

The greatest part about using the open ended question field, is the fact that your sales consultants will have access to this detailed information when talking to a prospect. This information can be the difference between your prospect signing up for your high-end product or service or not.

If you aren’t using surveys in your business right now I would definitely recommend that you integrate them by using one of the services below. Or you could simply use your CRM like we do.

  1. Automated dialer integration

If you are not familiar with what an automated dialer is, it’s simply a web application that allows you or a sales consultant to make a call to a prospect by using a web app or software directly on your computer. We put our dialer system on steroids by integrating it directly into our CRM, Infusionsoft.

When we first did this five years ago this truly transformed our business. We used to have big problems with importing and exporting leads from different systems such as email marketing systems, different CRMs and leads we got from clients. Once we started using a dialer that was integrated directly into our CRM, we no longer had to import and export leads every day. It used to take me an hour a day just to update leads that we would have our sales consultants calling. The best part about this whole process is that my sales consultants can now be instantly notified when we get a new lead from Facebook, Google, Bing, and any paid email marketing campaign that we are doing.

Did you know that if you call a prospect or email them within five minutes of them filling out a form that you are more likely to get a sale?

This is why it’s so important to have a dialer that is integrated directly into your lead or CRM system.

Hubspot.com says that: research from InsideSales.com shows that 35–50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

If your competition has an integrated system where they are able to email and call a lead before you do, they are going to get up to half of your sales, based on this study by insidesales.com.

If you aren’t using an integrated system you’re definitely going to be losing sales in the short term and losing out to your competition in the long-term.

There are many different automated integrated dialer systems out there here are the ones that we use and recommend:

  • We currently use Infusionsoft integrated with Turbo dial.
  • Salesforce has a great integration with insidesales.com
  • For those in startup mode there are great tools like SalesEnvy, Phoneburner, and Vanillasoft are good but they do not integrate with your CRM. Although, Vanillasoft does integrate with Saleforce and we created a script that would add our leads from Infusionsoft into Vanillasoft. This was a short term solution though because the integrated dialer was a far better approach.


  1. Automating Your Upsell Campaigns

There are a few ways we found that work really well when automating upsell campaigns. In this case, this would mean that the customer purchased a front end or inexpensive product or service from you, which then triggers a campaign where you attempt to upsell the customer on one of your more expensive products.

If you’ve ever heard of the marketing terminology called recency frequency monetary, you know how important it is to make new offers to your customers especially if you want to increase your profitability quickly. One of the first jobs I ever had was a telemarketing sales rep for a company called Time Life Libraries Inc. You probably heard of them before or if you haven’t, you’re probably too young :-)

One of the strategies that they used really well was calling previous customers that ordered CDs. For example, 1980s country music, and offering them an upsell to a different country music set.

As a small business, or entrepreneur, you can utilize these strategies both online and off-line.

One Click Upsell:

The easiest way to implement this online is by using one click upsell technology. One click upsells increased our sales by 10% to 30% depending on what the client ordered online. What’s great about this type of upsell is that you do not have to ask the customer for their credit card information again. They simply click and add to cart button and the new sale is added to the card that you have on file in your system. If you aren’t using one click in your sales process you are truly missing out. The first step to getting this type of sales upsell set up is having a shopping cart that supports it. There are quite a few companies that now allow you to do one click upsell, those companies include: one shopping cart, woo commerce, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Clickfunnels, SamCart, and many many more. Some of these companies including Infusionsoft make you purchase an additional software application that works in conjunction with the shopping cart to make it work. The reason we like Infusionsoft is because there are so many vendors that create different apps that work in conjunction with it, and this one click upsell technology is no different. There are about 10 different apps that you can use that will help you set up these one click upsells easily.

Phone Upsells:

One click upsells our great but the most profitable and powerful form of upsell that we found is by simply making phone calls to your new customers. This is what we did at Time Life. Remember when I mentioned recency frequency monetary earlier? What this phrase means is that when a customer has recently purchased a product from you, that is the best time for them to make another purchase with you. Sometimes though, it may be difficult for a customer to make a purchase right away after they have just made their initial purchase online. This is when phone follow-up can really add to your bottom line. During my first full year at Time life, I was the rep of the year because I made over 5000 sales. What’s really interesting about this though, is that 80% of my sales were made to customers that already made a purchase with us using their credit card. This is the same strategy we now used to create upsells when we are doing sales calls. When a customer has used their credit card to purchase something from us online, and we built rapport with them over the phone, it’s very easy to make an offer that fits directly with the customer’s previous purchase.

An example of this could be, “hello Mr. John, my name is Flo and I just wanted to say thank you for ordering our lifetime membership to Product A. We wanted to see if you were able to access the member’s area? Okay that’s a great! Did you get a chance to see the email about the discount we were offering for all of our lifetime members? Oh you didn’t? What we are doing is offering a 30% discount on our lifetime membership to Product B, because you bought Product A. A lot of people have been really excited about this, did you like what you saw so far in Product A? Okay great! We can go ahead and give you the 30% discount and we can put Product B on the same credit card that you purchased Product A with. Would that be okay?” (End of sample intro)

So this is what we would do when we are making upsell offers over the phone. So based on these offers that you make over the phone, a certain percentage of your customers will take the upsell.

Could you imagine using the same strategy if you have 1000 customers per year and 20% take the upsell?

  1. Virtual Sales Team

In our previous step we talked about automating the upsell process. You can really scale this automation if you have a team of sales consultants to make the calls for you. The issue that most people have though, is that they don’t want to have a big office of sales consultants, manage a lot of people, and make sure the sales consultants are doing their job.

Some years back I decided that it was time for us to come up with a system where we can have virtual sales consultants making the calls for us. This was actually discovered by accident because we had one of our best sales consultants working out of state. We did a ton of research to figure out what systems would be best to use to monitor, record, train and make sure the sales consultants were doing their job properly.

We currently use a combination of Infusionsoft, Vonage business services, and the system called Turbo dial which is our integrated dialer system. What’s great about all of these systems is that they now integrate into one platform so that we don’t have to login to three different systems in order to make sales. You can add, remove and manage users in one central system.

I also created custom report so I can monitor how many calls are being made, which leads we’ve called, and how many sales have been made.

You’re probably thinking there is no way that you would want to hire or manage a team of virtual salespeople, this is why we’ve actually put together a service where we manage trying and set up your virtual sales team for you. You can either have your own virtual sales team or we can use our team to make the upsell, initial sales and follow-up calls for you. A virtual sales team was one of the missing pieces in my business and I really believe it could help you scale your business if you aren’t taking full advantage of marketing and selling upsells on the backend of your business.

  1. Automated fulfillment campaigns

Another issues some people have with selling high-end products and services is actually fulfilling on what they sold their customer. They don’t have a problem making one, two or even five sales of a product or service. But they do have a problem if they have to consistently make 10 20 30 or even 100 sales among of a high-end service. In order for your business to scale you have to be able to scale the fulfillment of your products and services and not try to do everything yourself. This is one of the biggest issues that small businesses and entrepreneurs have, trying to do everything themselves. Below you’ll see a screenshot of the automated campaign that we set up for every time we get a web design or coaching client. All of these tasks run on autopilot once a client starts the orientation process. Tasks are assigned to different individuals or teams involved in the process and once those tasks are completed the next phase in the campaign is triggered until the campaign is completely finished. I highly recommend that you set up automated campaigns that run without you to service your clients and make sure that other people are held accountable for completing these tasks in a timely manner.

  1. Automated High-end Lead Generation Campaigns

We’ve all heard a lot about automating high-end lead generation or generating high-end leads for your products and services. This is probably the most advertised service or area that coaches, consultants and service providers are sold on the most. We see ads about generating leads EVERYWHERE. The reason we put this here is because without all the other pieces in place that we’ve listed above, having leads come into your marketing funnel won’t do you any good because you won’t be able to close the sale. You won’t know what problem you need to solve for the client. Or you won’t be able to scale fulfillment for many different clients at once. We definitely have our own methods for scaling high end lead generation, but we won’t go into the detail here because there is so much we could cover. What I will say is this: don’t buy the hype that you have to market ONE WAY in order to be successful. For example, almost everyone is saying that the best way to generate high end clients today is via paid social media ads. While this may be true for some, we’ve been getting high end client through joint ventures and email marketing for over 10 years. So I would definitely recommend the hybrid approach once you figure out one marketing medium, move on to adding another.

  1. Automate repetitive tasks with Zapier.com

Once you start building your business and you start getting customers consistently, you’ll start to see that there are many repetitive tasks that could slow you down from building your business or taking care of your clients. These repetitive tasks could be making sure that a client’s marketing campaign is running properly, following up with patients, notifying the right individuals about issues that a client may have, answering phone calls, answering support tickets, checking tasks for errors, and many many more. These repetitive tasks could end up taking up a majority of your day if you don’t set up systems to actually take care of them for you. We now use Zapier to automate these repetitive tasks for us so we don’t have to do them over and over again. The great thing about Zapier is that it integrates with all, or almost all of the major CRMs, project management apps and marketing platforms out there.

There are actually many other strategies that we use to automate our sales, support, and fulfillment. But we’d have to write a really long book to cover all of that :-)

If you’re interested in us actually helping you set up some of the systems or set up a high-end sales system for you were virtual sales consultants make the sales for you, apply to work with us here and will be in touch if you are a good fit.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below and we’ll definitely be happy to answer them for you.

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3 Must Have Marketing Systems For More Clients Or Customers

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3 Must Have Marketing Systems For More Clients Or Customers

In the good old days, when internet marketing first became a useful tool to get clients, we used services like Google AdWords to help us get the exposure we needed. The great thing about this strategy was that you could get endless streams of exposure to your website or your brick-and-mortar business.

The sad fact is though that most businesses, including ourselves, became too dependent on Google back in those days. This may sound over-the-top but it was almost like printing money with the way that Google would allow people to get traffic, and how entertained people were by the fact that they were able to talk to someone or buy something online.

When the dreaded Google slap occurred though, we were all in for a rude awakening!

Here’s how one of our MULTIPLE Google Adwords accounts look after being suspended. We spent close to $100,000 in the one account below, and have learned a lot since that on how to “play nice” with Google so they don’t break up with you like a deranged ex girl/boyfriend :-)

Many businesses had to completely close their doors overnight.

We heard so many horror stories that we knew that we had to do something different so we wouldn’t suffer the same fate. When my wife and I decided to move to Pasadena in California, I went ahead and made the tough choice of selling our main online web properties so that we could reinvest that money into using new strategies to grow. We didn't get what we wanted for the site but we were able to take that time to figure out what was next.

We made 3 quarter mill using this site for exposure, starting 10 yrs go:

flippa sold my site for 40k - flippa tips

Sold Our Site On Flippa

We tested about 40 to 50 different systems before settling on may be 10 different systems that help us grow our business every year. For now, I’m only going to focus on three of them so you can have an idea on how you can implement them in your business right now to start getting more clients.

Over the years we realized it wasn’t really about making money, it was more about developing systems that could grow our business without us or without just being fully dependent on one person.

That’s why we now depend on these 3 systems below to help us get more clients. There are plenty of other systems that we use, but let’s focus on 3.

The RIGHT Email Marketing System:

Do Email Marketing "Right"

This may not sound sexy but social media, video marketing, automation marketing, and any other form of marketing online owes a huge portion of its success to email marketing. Before Google decided to stop allowing people that used direct marketing strategies to advertise on their search engine, we decided that it would be a good idea to start building a list of email prospects.

This decision was huge! Without building a list of about 30,000 prospects our business would’ve been doomed just like countless other people we heard from.

The truth is we take email marketing and being able to email people whenever we want for granted. We used to use many different platforms for email, including, Aweber, iContact, Getresponse, Constant Contact, Ontraport, and Infusionsoft.

The best strategy that we can give you, in regard to email marketing, is that you should definitely be building a list of interested prospects the “right way”. But there is actually another level that most entrepreneurs NEVER practice to increase their profits.

NEXT LEVEL email marketing basics

If you tie together your email marketing with social media and building real relationships via one on one interaction, you create almost “bullet proof” communication channels with your prospects and customers. Once your communication channels are solid, you’ll always be able to get the right messages to the right prospects at the right time. A great example of how we do this is by talking to all of our customers, and many of our prospects over the phone.

You can learn SO much by speaking to prospects one on one. I’ll share more strategies about how to do this later using a system called ARP for both your sales calls and customer support calls.

Here’s a flowchart that shows you our “marketing flow” so you can see how we tie all of these channels together.

If you want to know more about how to tie all of these pieces together, check out the article we wrote on email marketing automation and strategies, use this to build up a client list that will buy from you for years.


If you are not using a customer relationship manager you are really missing out. The main purpose of a CRM is to allow you to save all the data that you have on customers and prospects in one organized place. And remember, it’s customer relationship manager. That means you’re trying to build a relationship with people on your email list. One of the best ways to build good professional relationship is by giving. You reap what you sow right? With that in mind make sure you sell good seeds of professionalism, authority, and entertainment.

Whoa wait a minute entertainment? Yes! Most people that are interested in your product and service want to experience new and exciting things. The product or service they may be buying from you may not be that exciting but the way that it’s presented via your marketing can be.

A great example of entertaining people and inspiring visitors when they purchase a product from you, is the shaving razor called One Blade. They take something boring like razors, and created the best razor in the world. You can go take a look at their site here at https://www.onebladeshave.com.

So in the end you want to use your CRM to give your prospective clients and customers a good experience by using the data that you’ve collected to energize and entertain them.

Below you can see CRM Data in Our Infusionsoft account to get a good idea what it looks like. Other good CRMs include, Ontraport, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, etc..

Screenshot of marketing campaigns triggered by the data in our CRM - We use Infusionsoft

Sales Rep or Team

A sales team is very important but most people neglect this area of their business. The for this is that many entrepreneurs and service providers just don’t know how to sell, so they definitely wouldn’t know how to hire a salesperson or manage a virtual sales team.

What I recommend before hiring a sales rep or consultant is that you become the first sales person for your company yourself. If you HATE sale, rename this role to "account manager". By doing this, you’ll be able to understand what your customers really want and be able to share this with anyone you decide to hire.

The shortcut to this process, that I feel is very important, is outsourcing all of your sales as soon as possible. This is actually one of the services we provide for people that are selling business services or high end products to consumers. You can find out more about that here.

We actually quadrupled our sales over a six-month period after I went from the old model of doing all of the selling myself, to the new model of having others do the selling while we did the marketing. If you need any help with this step, make sure you reach out to us by clicking here.

This is a screen shot from 7 yrs ago when we just made the transition. The column on the left has sales that were made over a 6-month period, while the column on the right is sales from a calendar year. So we basically quadrupled sales! Note: Our profit ONLY doubled, but that is still huge growth from one year to the next.

We started our companies with VERY little money, $500, now we regularly have six figure months. Is it all easy now, NO WAY! But it’s better now that we know it’s the systems, strategies, and sweat that get your results.

Some of this may seem a little bit overwhelming, but it’s definitely important for you to start implementing these steps and systems into your business yesterday!

If you’re not using these systems to grow your business or get more clients, you should be ashamed of yourself :-). If you have any questions, please reach out to us and asked or leave a comment and will be sure to answer for you.

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Easy Video Suite Review 2015 - EVSuite vs Wistia Review

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New Easy Video Suite Comparison vs Wistia

Go here to grab your copy of Easy Video Suite

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Infusionsoft Review 2015 – Campaign Builder – Overview

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review - Should Entrepreneurs Get The Surface Pro 3

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When it comes to technology and innovation, Microsoft was always two steps ahead of any other company on the market, being one of those corporations that always had something hidden up the sleeve. When it comes to tablet/laptop hybrids, Microsoft stands true to its name, offering an extremely powerful product at an affordable price.
You can purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at Amazon HERE

A Strong Beginning

Since its debut in 2012, Microsoft’s Surface laptop/tablet products have brought something new to the table, breaking new ground in this new niche. Although all the Surface family has generated plenty of opinion and a lot of buzz in the media, the sales were somewhat moderate. Not with their latest product, the Surface Pro 3. Since its launch this June, the Pro 3’s sales have surged. More and more people are buying this unique tablet/laptop due to its undisputed qualities – sharp display and design, high usability, lighter that the predecessor, large 12-inch screen, perfect performance & battery life and OneNote integration.

Microsoft was so sure that their latest Surface tablet/laptop would be a success that they directly compared their latest product with Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air. Additionally, the guys from Microsoft gave all members of the press free Surface Pro 3 units during an important event in New York.

Astounding Design

When it comes to design, the team from Microsoft has done a marvelous job. The pixel count has been increased from 1920 x 1080 to 2160 x 1440. The new model features a 3:2 aspect ratio, which is considered much better than iPad’s 4:3. The company claims that with this aspect ratio their device can display more content than MacBook’s Air 13.3 inch panel.

Wrapped in a bright, shimmering magnesium case that is extremely smooth and cool to the touch, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has exceeded all expectations in every regard. Both sides of the tablet have been adorned with two 5 MP cameras. Note that both are capable of 1080p video recording, and according to reviewers they do a pretty good job.

Obviously, in laptop mode, this tablet requires a keyboard. Unfortunately, the keyboard is inferior to what you would otherwise get on a proper laptop. Even worse, it doesn’t even come packed in the same box.

Improved Specs

When it comes to performance, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is better than its previous model in every single way. Here are the specs:

- CPU: 1.9GHz Intel Core i5-4300U


-Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400

- Storage: 256GB SSD

- Two 5MP webcams

- Size: 7.93 x 11.5 x 0.36 inches (W x D x H)

- Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

- Weight: 1.76 pounds

Of course, there are various configurations you can choose from. For the above configuration, you can pay up to $1,199. You can also choose a cheaper configuration for only $699, but with an i3 chip, 4 GB RAM and only 64 GB storage.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review - The Bottom Line

Although the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has its own flaws, such as less comfortable to use in the lap, flimsy keyboard and additional cost for extra features, this tablet/laptop from Microsoft has set a new standard in this niche, competing with the best hybrid laptops available to date – Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T, Razer Edge, Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 2 and of course Apple’s most famous 13-inch MacBook Air.

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Aweber Down - Getresponse Outage - Hack Proof & Backup Your Autoresponder

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Backup Your Autoresponder With This Simple Tool

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Quickbooks Online Review - The truth from a new customer of Quickbooks

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Quickbook Online Review

Quickbook Online Review

Over the past few years my business has been growing significantly so I have looked at different accounting software to help me out in the process of organizing my finances so that I don't have to worry about knowing how much profit I'm making and how much taxes I may have to pay.

For the past few years I've been using a company called Outright.com that was very helpful because it made things very simple for me. What I like so much about it was the fact that all I have to do is connect my bank accounts in my PayPal account and then categorize all of the expenses and sales then, Outright did the rest.

The only problem I've found is after my business grew to over $1 million in sales it became very difficult to track everything even in our right because it seems that this software was made for businesses that were doing things have very simple way so I started looking for something that was a little bit more advanced.

QuickBooks has been around for a long time I saw a lot of reviews online where a small business owners were bashing QuickBooks saying it was too complicated and too hard for them to figure out. Then I found the new online version of QuickBooks that supposedly was a little bit more simple and easy-to-use and I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. So far as because I did use another accounting software previously it's been pretty simple but what I will say about it is that there are so many more features in QuickBooks online then there are in my old Outright.com account.

For some people all of these features can be pretty overwhelming but for me I'm sort of relieved because I know that as my business grows I will have to switch accounting software is again so I really like how you're able to categorize the expenses and how the software seems to be a lot more powerful than what I'd did used to use. The main drawback like everyone seems to say is that it's a beast of a program because there are so many options but if you have a growing business and you want to take it to the next level I would definitely recommend that you give QuickBooks online a try because I'm currently using that in transitioning all of my accounting over to QuickBooks online.

Another piece of software that I use is called the Zapier.com, I use Zapier to automate a lot of the tasks that I have to do over and over in my business and the major selling point for QuickBooks online for me is that QuickBooks online actually works with Zapier. So now I can automate a lot of my invoices without having to manually do them over and over and over again.

If Outright had this feature I would've probably stayed with them for a little bit longer but to be honest I do think it was time for me to move on because  my business was growing more complex and I need a an accounting software that can deal with these complicated sources of income and expenses. So so I highly recommend QuickBooks online if your business is growing. Click HERE to get a 30 day trial of Quickbooks Online.


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